BeyondAge Profile

The name BeyondAge was inspired by the exemplary life and indomitable spirit of my late mother. More than twenty-five years ago, in her early 60s, while she was on a tour in Thailand, she defied the norms and conventions of those days in Asia and insisted on paragliding in spite of a host of medical conditions and restrain by the paragliding operator. Mum possessed a “can-do” attitude. She would not be constrained by traditions and societal expectations. She did what she had dreamed of doing and was happy that she did it.

More recently, the singing sensation Susan Boyle, runner-up for "Britain’s Got Talent" showed us that there is no time limit to dreaming. She demonstrated that there is hope for all of us, no matter what life-stage we are at, no matter how we look, where we live….. Indeed, as Eleanor Roosevelt, former First Lady of the United States of America aptly puts it, The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

BeyondAge aims to dispel the myths of ageing and present the facts. In spite of substantial body of evidence available, many people continue to subscribe to stereotypical perceptions and attitudes towards older persons. These myths include a belief that a significant proportion of older persons 65 years and above, suffer from cognitive impairment and that the majority of older workers cannot work as effectively as younger workers. Some older persons themselves have come to believe these myths as facts.

BeyondAge seeks to challenge these notions and perceptions about older persons. We want older persons not to be limited by their age and feel compelled to behave or think in a certain way because of age, such as be retired, take care of grandchildren, or do the usual jobs of older persons. They should and can continue to listen to their hearts, pursue what they are passionate about e.g. pioneering a new service for vulnerable children/youths, be a chef etc. They will optimise their strengths, abilities, resources and circumstances. They can rise above the vicissitudes of ageing and soar with wings like eagles, transforming their sunset to sunrise years!