Client Accolades

Ms Helen Ko inspires me with her vast knowledge and experience with the elderly. I enjoyed her training on gerontological counselling tremendously. Her delivery was lively, insightful and interactive. I look forward to her class with great enthusiasm. An excellent trainer indeed!

Veronica Ng, Director, Centre For the Advancement of Family Education

Helen is skilful at stimulating her students to think. She creates in them a hunger to learn more. After her probing and guidance, you realized that you do not have the knowledge you thought you’d possessed!

Chua Foo Yong, Managing Director, Media Development Authority

Helen is an extremely engaging lecturer who is sensitive to the different learning needs and styles of her students. Her courses on gerontological counselling are firmly grounded in her research and clinical practice. She challenges her students clinically while providing a base of confidence and comfort that enables her students to experience learning in a creative way. She is indeed a lecturer that inspires academic excellence!

Theresa Bung, Senior Therapist, Family Life Society

It was enlightening and a pleasure to attend Helen Ko’s workshop. The session is very practical, interactive. I brought away with me many valuable tips for counselling. These include the importance of always looking out for the different components of a message……

Robert Choo, General Manager, Hypercom Asia (Singapore) Pte Ltd - Regional Office

Thanks Helen for your wonderful teaching and sharing. You have given us new paradigms and approaches to work with older persons, dispelled the myths and revealed the truths about ageing……. Great teaching! Very enlightening…my appreciation to all three of you (Dr Kalyani Mehta, Dr Ko Soo Meng and Helen Ko) for the fantastic presentation, coordination and delivery. I look forward to the Advance course!

Murugayan s/o Kalimuthu, volunteer, Singapore Anti-Narcotics Association


This workshop by Helen Ko on Managing Mature Workers is excellent. I benefited a lot from it. It has helped me dispel the myths about older workers. Thank you!

Betsy Yee, Principal, Jurong Christian Church Kindergarten


“Helen Ko, the trainer, did an excellent job and manages the telephone training programme very well. Personally I am at ease and comfortable. At the end of each session, Helen’s summary of the topic was very helpful too!”

Jane Wee, A family caregiver