Consultancy Services

Consultation Services are Offered in Two Broad Categories:

Programme/Service Development and Evaluation

Consultations are offered for programme and service development. These include pilot-testing new programmes/services, new modalities/approaches of reaching and serving seniors e.g. training/working with family caregivers of seniors, intergenerational programmes etc.

As organisations also need to systematically evaluate their existing programmes/services, to chart future or new directions and remain relevant, consultations and programme evaluation services are also offered.

Ageing Workforce

The Re-employment legislation was implemented in 2012. It requires companies to re-employ older employees until the age of 65. This age will be increased to 67 subsequently. Is your company equipped? Are your HR policies and practices re-employment friendly?

We are dedicated to promote best HR policies and practices for your valued employees, especially older employees. Since 2007, our directors have partnered organisations such as Singapore National Employers Federation, Tripartite Alliance for Fair & Progressive Employment Practices in this area of senior employee management and re-employment issues.

We offer the following services

  • Review and recommendation of your company’s HR policies, processes and practices especially for re-employment along the five areas of restructuring HR policies, work redesign, performance reward , training and retraining, workplace health promotion to engage and harness the strengths and abilities of seniors
  • Consultation on management of senior employees
  • Re-employment/pre-retirement counselling