Training (Coaching) Mature Adult Learners (New!)


By 2020, 35% of the resident population of Singapore will be 50 years and above. The Re-employment Legislation was implemented in Singapore in 2012 where employers are required to re-employ older employees till age 65, and subsequently to age 67. Therefore, companies are likely to see increasing numbers of mature employees. With higher life expectancy, rapid economic and technological changes, an avalanche of new knowledge, as well as the country’s drive to enhance productivity and reduce its reliance on foreign workers, many older workers will need to continually upskill and retrain, to maintain productivity and employability, and fill positions which hitherto have been filled by foreign workers. Managers and supervisors are likely to be required to train/coach mature employees.

Beyond the workplaces, and learning for employment/employability, there is also increasing recognition about the benefits of learning e.g. mental stimulation, social engagement, personal empowerment. Thus, more enrichment/learning programmes will probably witness the participation of increasing numbers of mature adult learners in the future.

Against the above backdrop, the aim of this course is to equip participants with the essential competencies to train/coach mature adult learners (at the workplaces or other contexts) more effectively. The content for this course is based on our company’s latest research on instructing mature adults, conducted in Singapore.

Target Participants

  • Managers, supervisors, HR personnel or anyone required to train/coach mature employees/learners

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will:

  • be aware of the physical, psychological, emotional, social and cultural characteristics of mature adult learners and utilise this knowledge to stimulate participation in learning
  • be equipped with a wide array of evidence-based strategies and principles to sustain mature adults’ engagement in learning
  • be able to apply the evidence-based, indigenous process model for instructing/coaching mature adult learners, within an Asian context

Course Outline

  • An overview of the three-phased Progressive Empowerment of Learners model for instructing mature adult learners
  • Evidence-based strategies and principles for each of the three phases
  • The seven R’s principles distilled through the model
  • Applying the process, strategies and principles to the coaching of mature adult learners

Course Duration

One day